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Ver (pronounced like “air”) means “to see” in Spanish. VER International is a poverty alleviation organization that focuses on transformational development in rural communities of developing countries. We are a young 501c3 nonprofit based out of Birmingham, AL and we currently work in Honduras with the goal to expand to other countries in the future. VER was founded in March 2018. The three main areas in which we work are Health and HygieneEducation, and Entrepreneurship. We help break cycles of poverty, and work toward the goal of seeing individuals and communities transformed holistically.


We promote public health & hygiene by implementing programs in impoverished rural communities including: hygiene training, “healthy repairs” of homes (improving parts of living spaces that put well-being at risk), and hosting foreign and domestic medical teams. We promote education by providing resources and training to local teachers and  leaders of trade schools. We promote entrepreneurship by partnering with and launching small businesses. Little by little, minds and eyes are opened and our beneficiary families are able to imagine a brighter future for themselves and their children. With the help of our generous partners along with foreign and local volunteers we are seeing Honduras transformed for the better. Can you see it?!

Founder and director of VER International, Kristen Bruce Martínez and Natán Martínez

Board of Directors

            Andrew Hill, Chair

            Andrea Collins, Vice Chair

            Alison Wills, Secretary

            Troy Collins, Treasurer

            Kendall Hill 

            Jeff Wills 

            Butch Waldrop 

            Nancy Waldrop

7987 Knoll Lane
Trussville, AL 35173

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