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Our 3 Focus Areas

Health & Hygiene



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health & hygiene

VER International partners with after school child feeding programs. Run by local churches, these programs focus on the spiritual, physical, and educational well-being of the children in their community. Many families that benefit from these ministries live at or below the poverty line and depend on the mentorship and resources provided by the church volunteers. VER’s partnership with these children programs ensures that they receive nutritional meals, multivitamins, and periodic medical checkups.


Throughout the year VER partners with domestic and foreign medical professionals to host free pop-up clinics and first aid training. On a case-by-case basis VER provides medical sponsorship for individuals who cannot afford care or urgent operations.

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VER International supports young people in Honduras while they pursue their educational dreams. Our scholarship recipients are in high school, college, and seminary. Each of these exceptional Hondurans is committed to the service of others and has demonstrated a desire to see their communities change for the better.


Each year we send over 200 children back to school with the basic tools they need to succeed. A simple backpack filled with a school uniform, pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons/colored pencils, sharpeners, erasers, glue, scissors, etc can mean the difference in a child being sent to school or being kept at home by a parent struggling to make ends meet. Along with lifting the financial burden of school supplies, we educate the parents on the importance of keeping their children in school. This initiative helps combat the unfortunate tendency in rural Honduras of child labor and child marriage. We believe every child has the right to complete their education.

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With scarce employment opportunities throughout the country, Hondurans are known to be resourceful and often become a jack-of-all-trades out of necessity. Based on this phenomenon, VER International comes alongside hard-working individuals to provide them the resources they need to succeed vocationally. This includes skill-building workshops, entrepreneurship training, seed capital to start a micro-business, etc. Providing the tools to succeed in a trade or career is one way to help break generational cycles of poverty.


Aside from individual small-business owners, VER International partners with community agriculture co-ops. These groups of agriculture workers are accountable to each other and our organization during the planning and executing stages of their work. Two examples of our co-ops are the community rice fields in Otoro and the chicken farms in Santa Barbara.

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