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What you need to know before you come!

In addition to making sure to pack the appropriate clothing for your upcoming missions trip to Honduras, there are certain requirements that need to be checked off my the Honduran government! Please click on the file below to read about what's required to enter the country!

"We all know that we have a responsibility to use our resources and privilege to support people in need, but it can be hard to know where to start or who will be best to utilize our support. VER International is pure-hearted, efficient and impactful, and a truly worthy investment into the Kingdom."

- Briana, Virginia

Testimonials from Volunteers & Donors

Volunteer jamie

"We visited a family that is part of VER's program that helps teach how to break cycles of poverty. They have a one month old baby boy that didn’t have a name yet. We got to name him and we chose Tomás Rolando - Thomas for my sweet dad, and Rolando for Roland Collins. Two great men of God from ACF that are now with Jesus. What a precious gift God gave us today."


"One of my favorite moments from the trip was visiting the Avila family. When we got there, I overheard them talking about mangos. When I asked the kids where they got the mangos from, they sprinted to a tree. The little boy climbed way up in the tree and was throwing down mango after mango. Seeing their smiles and carrying back over ten mangos was so fun and a moment I won't forget!"


"I give to VER International because they are spreading the gospel in Honduras by seeking to strengthen local communities. Their goal is to equip and empower. Every project VER takes on is prayerful, intentional and strategic. They build strong partnerships in each community they serve. Through all of this, God is able to be glorified, and the gospel is shared. This is why I give to VER."

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