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This is My Story

I’m Karla Mendez and I’m 19 years old. I’m currently a psychology major in university and even though I have achieved all this to be where I am now, it was once just a dream. I’d like to share a little of my story.

I was born to a low-income family and in a region with very few opportunities. I have a condition that doesn’t allow my body to grow, but this has never been an obstacle for me. I have always dreamed of going to college, so I worked hard in school to get good grades. I didn’t know how I would continue my studies; I only knew that God had a purpose for me. In 2015, I met some missionaries with a medical team that came to my community who said they saw potential in me and that maybe I could apply for a scholarship. Years later VER International accepted me as a sponsored [high school] student. It was very exciting since I always wanted to continue my studies. At the end of 2019 I moved to be able to finish high school, with the help of my scholarship, and in 2022 I graduated with academic excellence.

The organization has also helped me with medical expenses to reach a diagnosis through clinical exams and has also supported me with treatment. In February 2023 I began a new stage of life. I had to move to a new city very far away from my home and my family to begin college, and currently I am in my second semester studying psychology. I am very thankful to all of you who have made it possible to get where I am today. I am working hard every day to not let you down. Thank you for your support and your prayers.

Note from the Director: The way the Lord has ordained the details of Karla's story is nothing short of miraculous. We at VER International are humbled that God would allow us to play a part. The determination, sacrifice, and steadfastness that Karla has demonstrated along this journey, since she had to leave home to complete high school, is rare and admirable. She has beaten the odds to become the very first high school graduate in her family and we pray that God receives all the glory as we celebrate each achievement. - Kristen


Karla is a scholarship recipient of VER International with aspirations to receive a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Her dream is to work with kids who have similar genetic disorders, encouraging them in all of the possibilities for their future. In her free time, Karla runs a small bracelet-making business that helps fund her personal and medical expenses.


Original Version in Spanish: Soy Karla Mendez y tengo 19 años. Soy estudiante de psicología en la universidad ahora y aunque hoy estoy logrando todo esto, antes solo era uno más de mis sueños. Aquí te cuento un poco sobre mí.  

Nací en una familia de bajos recursos económicos y en un lugar con muy pocas oportunidades. Tengo una enfermedad que no me permite crecer, pero eso nunca ha sido un obstáculo para mí ya que siempre quise ir a la universidad así que siempre me esforcé en la escuela por sacar buenas calificaciones. No sabía cómo lograría estudiar; solo sabía que Dios tenía un propósito para mí. En 2015 conocí por primera vez la organización por medio de una brigada médica en mi comunidad y me dijeron que vieron potencial en mí y me comentaron que podría aplicar a una beca. Tiempo después me dijeron que formaba parte de VER International como una estudiante becada. Fue muy emocionante ya que siempre quise estudiar. A finales del 2019 me mudé para comenzar mis estudios de bachillerato con ayuda de mi beca y en el 2022 me gradué como una estudiante destacada.

La organización también me apoyó en todos mis gastos médicos para poder detectar mi caso a través de exámenes clínicos y también me apoyaron en mi tratamiento. En febrero de 2023 comencé una nueva temporada de mi vida. Tuve que mudarme a la ciudad lejos de mi casa y mi familia para comenzar la universidad y actualmente voy en segundo semestre de psicología. Estoy muy agradecida con todos ustedes que han hecho posible que llegue hasta donde estoy. Me estoy esforzando todos los días para no defraudarlos. Gracias por su apoyo y sus oraciones.

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